This deer was killed during the Nature Conservancy hunt at Devil's den nature preserve.

(photo: Bill Mannetti- Animal Rights Front)
SPOTLIGHT ON DECEPTION: (& the sellout list)
     The phenomenon of supposed "conservation" or "animal rights" groups selling out to their moral integrity isn't particularly uncommon or surprising if you factor in and consider the issue of human greed...

Greenpeace is perhaps one of the most classic examples of this. Having experienced major success with their early on and truly heartfelt activist campaigns, they began receiving lots of money from their newly found membership base and donors. This money allowed them to expand and grow their organization, but at the same time, inevitably, human greed began to factor its way into the equation and take its toll...
      soon, the leaders were tempted to pay themselves a salary, and from there, it's only obvious what happened: of course t
hey enjoyed their new money, and along with the "moral superiority shelter" that their organization offered them, they justified the payments to themselves quite easily and without guilt...

      Nowadays, this "sellout" phenomenon of publically recognized and well funded organizations standing up for the very causes that they claim to OPPOSE (and actually becoming fronts for the very causes they claim to be against) are becoming more and more common. Frankly, it's starting to smack of politics as usual... and that's the reason this page exists... doesn't buy their stories, excuses, propaganda, or bullshit and is committed to pointing out their hypcrosies to all. (especially to their current members and well-intentioned potential activists)

Peruse the SELLOUT list below (2 for now, more coming...) and learn about these organizations and their deception with the accompanying stories and links:



1) There are others that will be added to this list as time permits, but these 2 are rather shocking in their own right, considering the power and money between them... (that may be part of the problem in the first place, 'ya think?)

2) Don't take our word for this divulgence of sad but true facts. Study the issues yourself and question them. The facts are out there if you are prepared to dig a bit and then FACE what you find... Better yet, question the organizations direct with an email, phone call, or fax. Send us your letters and their replies and we'll post them here for all to see.


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