For now, "us" is an army of one. Ecodefense.com is designed, maintained, written by and labored over by me, Ian Robichaud. (Google me, I rock!)

I love animals and have been working on various animal rights issues and conservation related projects my whole life.

I own a magic pitbull (aka: the bunny), and have rescued and/or helped lots of critters over the years including dogs, cats, oppossums, birds, squirrels, fish, crabs, turtles, lizards, snakes, snails, etc.!

I founded the non profit organization Harpseals.org in 2003, with an exceptional human being named Diana Marmorstein. I am also an avid supporter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as well as a huge fan of ANY AND ALL PERSONS and groups working against animal and/or ecological abuse. Animal rights and eco activists are my heroes, ecodefense.com is a labor of love...


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